How to Become a Seller on Amazon Barner

How to Become a Seller on Amazon

The biggest advantage you have as an internet entrepreneur today is that you don't have to find everything for yourself. As far as marketing your product is concerned - then there are many examples of profitable online businesses.


Working with it - there are already "platforms" that you can take advantage of to make your business faster and easier - no need to build your own website, online store, or e-commerce website. And of course, these third party services can form the basis of your plan in the long run.

Probably the most powerful Amazon today. Over the years, this one-time bookseller has grown enormously. It is a dominant online retailer that sells everything from toilet paper to tennis shoes to high-end electronics.

 He is a player in the streaming movies and TV show industry - even producing his own shows. It sells hardware like a fireball. There are even brick and mortar retail stores now. And, not to mention, it took over the entire grocery store chain Foods.

 That's all there is to a strong and innovative company. And while it's definitely positive, it's not because you, as a solo internet entrepreneur, should be interested in Amazon.

One of the lesser-known (at least mainstream) aspects of Amazon's business is that it allows people to sell products on your site, which means you have greater reach and influence over that brand name. Can benefit from They have been offering this opportunity in "Third Party Sales" since 2000.

 If you follow this path, you will be in good company. About 50% of sales on Amazon are through third-party sellers. Amazon shipped more than two billion third-party goods in 2016. So it's easy to see that buyers trust and buy from third parties.

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to become an Amazon seller step-by-step. Let’s hop into it!

Step 1: Register Seller Account

        Once you have chosen to sell a product, you will want to make yourself official and open a central seller account, which will be the center of your online business. This portal is where you will add product lists, manage your inventory, view your reports, and much more.
You'll start by signing up with a valid email address and then be prompted to add the following information. Make sure you have all the information you need to make the process a little smoother:
Business name and address
Telephone number
Credit card/bank information
Tax information (if you have an LLC, add your EIN. If not, you can use your SSN)

Step 2: Upload Your Products

        Once you've registered to sell online, you'll need to list your products. Either use our easy-to-use listing tools on Seller Central or create a list through the Seller app.
If you need help with product photography, listing, or any listing, you can always hire professionals from our third-party service provider network (SPN).

Step 3: Customers can See OR Buy Your Products

        By listing your products on Amazon, you can reach millions of potential customers and businesses every day. In addition, if your listings are completed through Amazon, they become eligible for PM.
You can also advertise on Amazon with sponsored products and target your affiliates.


Step 4: Deliver Products To The Customer

        When you place an order for one of your products, Amazon notifies you by email as well as in your seller's Central Dashboard. If you choose "Amazon via Amazon," Amazon will take care of storage, picking, packaging, and shipping, as well as customer inquiries.
If you're not at the FBA, your account is activated via Easyship - we will select the product from you and deliver it directly to the customer with world-class delivery service.
If you are a seller or shop owner who has the ability to deliver orders the same day/next day to customers in your local area (through your own delivery associates or a courier partner), then you can unlock Prime benefits for select pin codes with Local Shops.


Step 5: Receive Payments

        Payments for your sales (minus Amazon seller fees) are securely credited to your bank account every 7 days, including payment orders on your payment.

You can also view your accumulated balance in your seller's central account with tips for growing and expanding your business.