Interesting thing about windows 10 Barner

Interesting things about windows 10

Did you hear the interesting things about windows 10? if no then you were at the right place. As you know that window 10 is the popular OS worldwide and has many new features that are not in the previous versions of the windows. These are just some of the great features and functions that Microsoft has added to all of its operating systems.
1) Talking with Cortana
   Cortana is on the desktop! Like Windows Phone, you can ask questions about the weather or celebrity pop stars, get directions to homes, set reminders, and much more - you can use it in Windows settings like Wi-Fi and You can also take a turn to turn Bluetooth on or off. Click the Cortana button in the Start menu to get started (the "Hey Cortana!" Voice activation feature is optional).
2) Snap windows to corners
   If you're still blocking your window on both sides of the screen, you're living in the past. It's been about Windows quadrants since July 29th. Drag windows to the corners of the screen and place them in a particular quarter. Display, or use the Windows + Cursor keyboard shortcut. Of course, you can still bounce Windows sideways.
3) Use a fingerprint & face lock instead of a password
   It's part of the Windows Hello biometric platform, Face lock using your face parameters, and whether you can use it or not depends on the Mac and the model of computer you're using Windows 10 on. In addition to fingerprint sensing, it supports facial recognition and even iris scanning, so if computer manufacturers are willing to make such a kit into their system, Microsoft's new OS will be able to support it.
4) Manage your notifications
   Windows 10 comes with an optimized action center that sits on the right and left side of the desktop and provides a stream of all the notifications coming from any application (Dropbox will definitely help you when you're looking out of a window. As would not be surprising). Click on the notification icon (a speech bubble) in the system tray to open and configure it.
5) Switch to a dedicated tablet mode
   Windows 8 tried to scour the tablet mode and a desktop mode, and in a very ugly, but new Windows 10 interface, everything is much more decent. To manually switch to tablet mode or exit it, open the above action center. In fact, you may prefer to use the strip-down tablet format even when you have a mouse and keyboard attached.
6) Stream Xbox One games
   Playing from one place to another is not entirely an idea, but the link that Microsoft has built between the Xbox One and Windows 10 machines may still be the best use of technology. If kids want to use the big screen in the living room, you can play your Xbox One gaming upstairs on your laptop or desktop (if your home network can handle it).
7) Run Microsoft Edge
   Microsoft's new Strapdown, Smooth Browser is a Windows 10 special, and you can't run it on Windows 8 or below. Only Windows 10 users can take advantage of webpage annotations, random reading views, and Cortana search integration. Whether you choose Chrome or Firefox as your browser choice is enough.
8) Share wifi passwords with your friends
   The new Wi-Fi Sense feature (in the network settings) has attracted a fair share of its conflicts, but it's an easy way to allow people to use your home Wi-Fi while visiting ( And to use them in return for you). Your contacts never actually see the password, but if they're connected to you and a Windows 10 bit kit, they can start browsing just through the door.
9) Find settings easily
   Settings is another area where Windows 10 has done a better job of presenting information to the user than Windows 8. Most of the key system settings have been moved to the modern interface. Find them from the taskbar to find the settings - so you're going to spend less time hunting down the control panel (although older features and links still exist) If you need them).
10) Set up Windows to work with iOS and Android
   Microsoft has decided to embrace iOS and Android and now makes most of its apps available for competing mobile platforms (Cortana apps seem to be very close). Run the Phone Campaign app from the Start menu and you can launch a step-by-step guide to get your iPhone 6 or LG G4 working smoothly with all the data and apps you have in Windows.