What is Spot? Does it really worth? Barner

What is Spot? Does it really worth?

Spot is a quadric pet designed by Boston Dynamics, in simple words, it is a robotic dog.
Spot is a combination of a computer, battery, and sensors on the top of some motors with Mattel legs.

Spot is mostly Mattel so it is heavyweights around 60 pounds. There are 5 sets of cameras on it, 2 of them are on front at the face, 1 on left, 1 on right and 1 on the backside on the butt. Each one of these cameras sees the stereo vision and along with gyroscopes and sensors inside all of them are feeding information to a computer at all time, that define how to control the motors to make Spot balanced, with that you add some shoulder hinges and rubber feet and also appropriate ventilation for computers to cool them. That’s how it is made off.it is kind of slim as it gets at this time. Spot has a compact battery in the belly area to operate itself, it is 11500mah and it also interchangeable. It can power the robotic dog around 90 min on a full charge, power time is also depending on usage and payload size. Controls.
Spot is controlled by an android tablet with some buttons and joysticks, the controller is running Spot android app develop by Boston dynamics. It can talk to Spot from many miles. You can control almost everything from the controller you can change height, speed, you can see the feed from all sets of cameras. Spot can go slow medium and also on high speed up to 1.4 m/s or about 3 miles/hour.
Sit mode, in this mode Spot is off, all motors are shutdown.
Stand mode, in this mode Spot, is active and everything is working, it is normal mode in witch Spot walk.
Crawl mode, in this mode Spot moves slowly but carefully, it is like for some narrow crossing surfaces with a bit of cousin.