What People Expects From Apple's New iPhone 12 ? Barner

What People Expects From Apple's New iPhone 12 ?

Apple is expected to introduce four new iPhone models this year, with two models being part of the iPhone 12 lineup and the other two of the iPhone 12 Pro lineup.iPhone analysts are expecting more changes in iPhone 12  than the previous one.


Release date: iPhone 12 may be launched until October

Apple usually launches their phones in September but iPhone 12 could face delays. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on manufacturing and consumer demands. Apple may wait until October to announce the phone, which is about a month after the iPhone's usual launch. 

There is a rumor, that iPhone will launch on 12 October. 

But there is not a fix single date but several assumptions .there is a rumor that  Apple will introduce  new models iPhone 12 and 12 pro respectively in more than one  stages .

Price: iPhone 12 may be cheaper than iPhone 11

When the iPhone 11 launched last year, it cost $699, which was $50 cheaper than the previous one  This trend may continue, Apple will price the iPhone 12 at $649, the iPhone 12 Pro at $999 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max at $1,099.

Design: iPhone 12 may be similar (or not) to iPhone 11

Every other year, Apple usually makes new cosmetic changes to its iPhone to freshen up its look,  But the iPhone 12 will look similar to the iPhone 11. The only possible difference is that the iPhone 12's edges will be slightly bowed.

On the other hand, Apple could also reshape this  with flat edges.

Accessories: iPhone 12 may not come with EarPods or a power adapter

This would be a scheme  to encourage people to buy the company's wireless air pod

Processor: iPhone 12 will likely have A14 Bionic

 the latest iPhones have the A13 Bionic processor, it's probable that the next chipset will have the A14 Bionic. we expect this one to be faster and more efficient. it's expected  that the A14 will have a CPU gain of 40% and a GPU gain of 50%. 

Colors: iPhone 12 Pro may come in dark blue

Last year Apple introduced a midnight green color on the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. There is a possibility that Apple will launch another new color, navy blue, on the iPhone 12 Pro. This would be on-trend that blue is a color pick for the new year ("classic blue") and Shutter stock included "phantom blue" in its color forecast for 2020.

Specs and display: Four possible iPhone 12 models

It's expected that  One of the iPhone 12s could have a 5.4-inch screen.

There's also expected that the iPhone 12's display will have a 120Hz refresh rate.

5G: iPhone 12 may have next-gen connectivity

Analysts  predicting that Apple will include 5G connectivity this year. Moreover, that Apple may use its own proprietary 5G antennas.

Secondly, Apple stopped working with the leading 5G modem provider, Qualcomm, because of a dispute over Qualcomm's licensing fees. The two companies settled their litigation in April 2019,  Apple is still working with Qualcomm.


Camera: iPhone 12 may have 3D depth-sensing

Since the newer iPhones have front-facing cameras that have 3D depth sensing. Known as Face ID, this feature scans your face for unlocking your phone .its assumed that Apple may take it up a notch and introduce that same system to the rear cameras.

Apple analyst expects two of the 2020 iPhones models to have a new time-of-flight camera lens on the back of the phone., except it would be a quite  different type of technology that could allow it to 3D map objects from farther away. This would significantly improve its augmented reality applications and take certain camera features like Portrait Mode to the next level.