Will Amazon ship to Pakistan in the future? Barner

Will Amazon ship to Pakistan in the future?

Pakistan is a huge market and according to reports, by the year 2020, the online retail sector will cross the one billion dollar mark. Amazon will send to Pakistan when SBP allows foreign payment gateways like PayPal. Officials are planning to invite PayPal to Pakistan and as soon as it arrives, there is a strong possibility that Amazon will launch in Pakistan.

Pakistan is inviting PayPal, eBay, and Amazon, according to an announcement by Anusha Rehman, Pakistan's Minister of State for Telecom and IT. Anusha announced that Pakistan has now been added to the FATF's whitelist, meaning that Pakistan now has international anti-terrorism and money laundering standards, allowing PayPal, eBay, and others can launch their operations.

Amazon will come to Pakistan whenever he wants. No global company or entity can be expected to sign up in a market because only one country applies for it. Secondly, Pakistan's market is huge. At any rate, this cannot be denied. So Amazon is more willing to come to Pakistan, however, for some unknown reason, it cannot decide at this time.

Pakistan is now on the white list in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which means that all internationally accepted counter-terrorism and money laundering standards are in place. Encourages more consideration.

These steps are good, encouraging, but not final.